Hues Of Her


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“Hues of Her” is a fragrance that unfolds like a captivating love story. The opening is a warm and inviting embrace, with notes of amber, musk, and a citrus zest accord, creating an aura of both sensuality and freshness. As the scent develops, the lush and intoxicating tuberose takes center stage, infusing the heart of the fragrance with its creamy and floral richness. This exquisite flower adds an alluring and sensual dimension to “Hues of Her,” making it a truly captivating experience that captures the essence of feminine beauty and allure.


Hues Of Her is a fragrance that defies expectations and embraces the multifaceted nature of life. It’s a bold statement, a reminder that women are more than the boxes society tries to place them in. This scent is an embodiment of strength, resilience, femininity, and authenticity.

Wearing Hues Of Her is an empowering experience, a reminder to blaze your own trail, celebrate your complexity, and live life on your own terms.

The fragrance opens with a warm and embracing note of amber. This rich and complex scent represents the depth and resilience of the trailblazer. It symbolizes the enduring strength and wisdom that come from navigating life’s twists and turns.

Tuberose, a lush and intoxicating flower, forms the heart of the fragrance. Its sensual and creamy floral notes represent the trailblazer’s unapologetic femininity and the boldness to challenge societal norms.

5 reviews for Hues Of Her

  1. Casey

    I pre-ordered Hues of Her, it’s my new signature scent!

  2. Knikki

    I love tuberose, Hues of Her is my favorite!

  3. Katie

    I tried Hues of Her on at the scent party, I couldn’t help but feel confident and beautiful when I wear it.

  4. Ashley

    I love the story behind the Hues of Her and the tuberose!

  5. Stephanie

    I feel utterly alluring and feminine when I wear this scent. It’s pure magic in a bottle.

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