Notes In A Minor


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Notes In A Minor is a heavenly composition that invites you into a world of sheer opulence and natural beauty. Its opening act is a grand symphony of rich, sun-kissed bergamot, a burst of citrus intertwined with the intoxicating allure of honeysuckle, adding a sweet and heady dimension to the fragrance, like a warm summer breeze.

The pièce de résistance in this olfactory masterpiece is the rare and precious Rose De Mai. It’s a true labor of love to capture its essence, as this delicate flower graces the world with its bloom for just three brief weeks each year. Astonishingly, it takes the petals of 170 roses to produce a single precious drop of this exquisite fragrance note. Notes In A Minor celebrates the fleeting beauty of nature and embodies luxury, making it a treasure for those who appreciate the rare and the sublime in fragrance.


Notes In A Minor is a fragrance that weaves an enchanting tale inspired by the evocative lyrics of Ella Fitzgerald’s rendition of George Gershwin’s “Summertime.” It captures the essence of opulence and timeless beauty. Much like the memorable line “Your daddy’s rich and your momma is good looking,” this fragrance reimagines the luxurious scents that enveloped an affluent couple as they prepared for their lavish summer social gatherings.

This heavenly composition unfolds with a grand overture of rich, sun-kissed bergamot, sweetly entwined with the intoxicating allure of honeysuckle and the rarest and most precious Rose De Mai. Rose De Mai is a true labor of love, as it blooms for a fleeting three-week period each year, requiring an astonishing 170 roses to yield a single precious drop of its essence. Notes In A Minor is a symphony of olfactory luxury that captures the essence of elegance, sophistication, and the fleeting beauty of summer’s most cherished moments, making it an opulent indulgence for those who appreciate the rare and exquisite.

4 reviews for Notes In A Minor

  1. Ryan

    Notes in A Minor smells like MONEY!!!

  2. William

    I wear this when I am wearing a tux. It exudes opulence!

  3. Caroline

    This is a very luxurious fragrance. I bought a couple of bottles for myself and my friends!

  4. Barbara

    I can’t stop wearing this scent!!

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