Séjour Enchanté


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Séjour Enchanté is a fragrance that unfolds harmoniously blending to create an enchanting scent journey. It commences with the zesty and invigorating top notes of bergamot, which are gracefully complemented by the delicate and floral nuances of mimosa. As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes come alive with the lush and romantic presence of roses, deepened by the smoky and resinous tones of frankincense. The subtle spiciness of cardamom adds an intriguing dimension to this floral bouquet. Finally, Séjour Enchanté settles into a sensuous and enduring base, where the warm embrace of amber meets the elegant woody essence of cedar, all enveloped in the soothing and comforting sweetness of vanilla. Séjour Enchanté captures the essence of sophistication, romance, and timeless allure.


Séjour Enchanté is a fragrance that pays homage to the timeless allure of Josephine Baker’s iconic song “J’ai Deux Amours.” It encapsulates the essence of this beloved love ballad, which beautifully expresses the profound affection for two cherished loves—Paris and her homeland—and the profound emotions they stir. This fragrance is a tribute to the magnetic charm, sensuality, and dual passions of a woman who transcended borders and made an indelible mark on both French and American culture. Wearing Séjour Enchanté is akin to embarking on a romantic and passionate journey, experiencing the enchantment of a woman captivated by the magic of two worlds, each holding a precious piece of her heart.

The fragrance unfolds with an exquisite orchestration of notes, starting with the bright and uplifting embrace of bergamot and the delicate blossoms of mimosa. As it progresses, the heart notes reveal a lush bouquet of roses, enriched by the smoky and resinous depth of frankincense, and subtly spiced by the warmth of cardamom. Finally, the fragrance settles into a sensuous and lasting base of amber, the woody elegance of cedar, and the comforting sweetness of vanilla. Séjour Enchanté is a harmonious and evocative composition that captures the essence of Josephine Baker’s love story, making it a captivating choice for those who appreciate the fusion of romance, passion, and cultural richness.

8 reviews for Séjour Enchanté

  1. Kathy

    It’s an enchanting fragrance that always makes me feel beautiful!

  2. Chrissy

    Sejour Enchante…. all I can say is FLAWLESS! It’s my secret to feeling eternally elegant and timeless, in the most exclusive way.

  3. Kelly

    Sejour Enchante is easy to love and very hard to forget!

  4. Sam

    Séjour Enchanté is my top choice for date night. It’s ideal for setting a romantic and captivating vibe.

  5. El

    Séjour Enchanté is my scent signature – it’s like my fashion statement!

  6. Andy

    Every time I wear this scent people always stop and ask me what I’m wearing!!!

  7. Nicole

    I am not usually a fruity fragrance person but Sejour Enchante is complex and continues to unfold as you wear it. I love it!

  8. Chris

    Sejour Enchante is a boom of freshness with bergamot’s zesty note. It’s a fragrance that sweeps me away, time after time.

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