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Flos Novis is a captivating fragrance that artfully blends the invigorating essence of citrus and the earthy warmth of woodsy notes, all while harmoniously incorporating a delicate white floral accord. At the heart of this fragrance is the exquisite daffodil, which adds a distinctive and enchanting floral touch, making Flos Novis a truly unique olfactory experience. This fragrance evokes a sense of fresh, natural beauty with a balanced combination of zesty citrus, woody richness, and the ethereal allure of daffodil blooms.


Flos Novis translates to “New Blossom” and it’s a citrus woodsy fragrance with a white floral accord. The prominent floral note in Flos Novis is daffodil and this particular note was selected because it is the first flower that blooms after winter and it oftentimes blossoms when weather conditions don’t permit other flowers to blossom.

Throughout literature and many cultures, daffodils symbolize resilience, creativity, and new beginnings. We created Flos Novis as a tribute to black Americans and their contributions to propel mankind forward. So hip hop is our Flos Novis. Soul Food is our Flos Novis, and Jazz & Blues are our Flos Novis. All of these contributions blossomed in less-than-ideal circumstances.

4 reviews for Flos Novis

  1. Eric

    This scent smells so fresh! This is my day scent.

  2. Sara

    I love the daffodils in this scent! It smells so good!

  3. Meka

    The story… The scent… It really does smell like new beginnings!

  4. Jamil

    The story is dope and so is the scent

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